Storytelling is ironically often overlooked in marketing video creation. It’s ironic because the “videos” that have the most impact on us are amazing cinematic stories that make us feel something real. We connect to characters, feel nervous when they are in danger, relieved when they escape, and triumphant when they win.

So why do people forget about it in their videos?

Here’s Why

People forget about storytelling in the marketing videos they make because they’re thinking from the inside out. They’re focused on what they think they want to convey rather than wondering what someone looking from the outside in is really seeing or understanding.

Most people vastly overestimate how much people are paying attention to their video content as well. Purely information videos require a certain level of commitment before they are engaging, and even those should still be done in a way that makes them fun.

The Eyes of the Watcher

Remember that your opinion, your view of your brand is VERY skewed. You have ALL the information. The verbiage you wrote up isn’t great until it’s thoroughly tested against other options and you have feedback from multiple third parties confirming they understood what you were wanting to convey.

Don’t forget this key point: sometimes what feels like the best copy to you is the worst for the customer.

Overview of Video Storytelling

My next few articles will go over each step in detail, but I’m going to go over each step of an effective story here first.

Now, keep in mined that this storytelling process actually covers the entire client experience. Your videos can address parts of this process, summarize it, or demonstrate it. The medium of video fits into this process perfectly because it’s become the medium of choice for the largest industry in the world, entertainment.

A Character!

I need a hero!

This is the person we want to succeed. We should be able to see a bit of ourselves in this person (or thing). Quite often this is the personification of the prospect.

A Problem!

Without problems there can be no solution or resolution!

A Wise Old Wizard!

Okay, so it doesn’t have to be a wizard. But the hero needs some guidance!

A Plan!

Aw yeah! We got a plan now. Success is just over that next mountain! Or was it the one after that?

A Spark!

You’ve heard of the term “call to action” before. Well it’s overused and has become an excuse to tell people what to do far too much.

I like to think of it as a Spark. The thing that helps people feel drawn to a certain choice of action. Not “do this”, but something truly emotional, empowering, and/or impactful that stirs their mind and gets their thoughts and actions moving on their own accord.


Yay for positive results! How can you prove that you deliver? That your plan works? Everyone loves triumphant heroes!

Protection From Harm!

This is something like the happily ever after effect. The plan, the triumph, has to be long lasting, not short lived. How is it saving them from failure or harm?